2017. Nov. 14.

Transylvanian Music Days

„Continuity of tradition” in the spirit of the creative legacy of Kodály, Bartók, Dohnányi, Veress, Ligeti.

Cultural Festival in Cluj-Napoca, 14-18 November 2017

Patron: Mr. Mile Lajos, consul of Cluj-Napoca

The activity of the Society of Hungarian Musicians of Romania (SHMR) is focused on the presentation of our remarkable composers, performers, young talents by organizing festivals, competitions, conferences, workshops and memorial days.

Starting from 1995 each of our events was mainly focused on a single outstanding composer (Liszt, Bartók, Kodály, Dohnányi, Veress, Ligeti). Such events were the Bartók Memorial Days in 1995, Kodály Memorial Days in 1997, Zsurka Péter Memorial Days in 1999, Balogh Ferenc Memorial Days in 2000, Vermesy Péter Memorial Days in 2008, Liszt Ferenc Memorial Days in 2011, Veress Sándor Memorial Concerts in 2013, Ligeti Workshop in 2013, Dohnányi Memorial Days in 2015 and the Mozart-Bartók Memorial Days in 2016.


2017. Oct. 6.

Piano Inauguration Festival, Gyergyóremete 2017

Cultural House of Gyergyóremete, 2017 October 6-7, Saturday-Sunday, 19:00

The Cultural House of Gyergyóremete, at the initiative of  mayor Elemér Laczkó Albert Elemér, has acquired a brand-new Förster concert-piano. This remarkable event  will be celebrated by the Society of Hungarian Musicians of Transylvania by a two-day event.
Balázs Demény, Ony Yan (DE) pianists
Előd Zágoni cellist
Judit Andrejszki (HU), early-music performer, singer, harpsichordist, who will perform a “Musical History Lesson” on her own harpsichord
Balázs Demény